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Therapy: Skin
Veena Ramachandran
I had started coming to skinsense a year ago for hair removal treatment. The hair growth was quite a lot waxing didn’t seem to make difference. I started going for hair removal treatment & saw immediate results.
Now within a few sessions, my hair growth has reduced considerably. Special care waws taken to make sure that my hair growth reduces without causing much pain or inconvenience to me.
I am sure to get excellent results. I would surely recommend the hair removal treatment at Skinsense to my friends.

Therapy: Skin
Shruti Raghunathan
I was struggling with the emotional battle of dull & uneven skin tone. After taking 3 sessions of Photofacial, MDA & peels at Skinsense, I can see clear growing skin. Everybody at Skinsense is honest & caring. And they very simply give you colear skin. Also it is affordable & time saving. I will surely recommend it to many.
Thanks a lot Dr. Shweta Iyengar

Therapy: Skin
Hemangi Ganatra
I am taking peels at Skinsense for my acne. With every session my skin got from better to awsome. I am proud to say now I have got rid of my acne and my skin is glowing.

Therapy: Skin
Harsha Shah.
I am a housewife, was looking for a complete makeover of my skin and hair.
I visited Skinsense an took Meso Therapy and Venus Freeze for my Skin. Texture of my skin and hair has been improved. Now I look 10 years younger.

Therapy: Skin
Betty Biju
It was wonderful experience at Skinsense having a Super Facial done for nearly 2 hours it involved various processes which was done systematically by both the therapists. There was a drastic difference which showed very clear before and after the 2 hours session. The wrinkles and creases on the forehead and around tje eyes vanished to almost 80% of what it was before. The softness & glow added to the amazing results in just one session.

Therapy: Weight Management
Ms. Aarti Davda
I am coming for treatment from last month. I have joined Skinsense for my Weight and inch loss. I was 92 kg when I joined. At beginning I started noticing inch loss but my weight didn’t show any change. But after two weeks my weight started reducing. I lost 5 Kg in a month. In spite of being irregular in my diet habits. I am very happy with my body now. I am getting compliments from many of friends.

Therapy: Hyper Pigmentation
Mr. Prashant Verma
I had hyper pigmentation on skin because of which my skin appeared black and even after doing several treatments on my skin there was no positive results. Then I visited Skinsense and within a month I started seeing positive results and now my skin has completely transformed.

Therapy: Mesotherapy for Hairloss
Mr. Sharadram Sejpal
I have completed 4 sittings of Hair Mesotherapy and I Have seen 50% improvement in my growth of new hair. Hair fall and quality have also improved a lot. I trust and feel by the end of 10 sessions I will get 100% results.



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