Advanced medical treatments for skin, hair, weight management and body shaping

Aristotle said, "Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference". Studies also prove that we make an impression about a person within 60 seconds of meeting them. This means the way you look really matters!

  • Your picture taken 5 years back looks better than you do now?
  • Has your hair lost its lustre and shine?
  • Does your skin appear dull and tired?
  • Is your double-chin wobbling back at you when you look into the mirror?

If YES, SKINSENSE is for you!

Skinsense brings together an ideal combination of doctors and beauty therapists and promotes a healthy synergy between the two to ensure you have a scientific beauty experience. At Skinsense, our qualified and certified technicians treat every skin as a separate individual under the scientific guidance of a doctor and offer customised solution. No question is a silly question and you are encouraged to speak, to share and to probe. We help you understand and bring out the best in you.

A well sculpted chin, lustrous thick hair, a firmer tummy, fair glowing even toned firm skin, permanent hair reduction….well the list may be endless. Receiving compliments from your friends and family everyday becomes a habit you love…

And that's why, Skinsense is all about YOU. To give you a personality and the look YOU desire. Skinsense is home to every individual with a desire to look their best. Housewives, college students, working professionals', those in the glamour industry all benefit in our care. Marriages and functions are no longer the only days when people want to look good. Today, people want to look good every day!!! So why opt for a temporary facial or hair spa and look good for a temporary period? Be a part of Skinsense and look your best every day!

As a part of the Skinsense family you are pampered with:

  1. Lower Costs – Our large turnover allows us to provide our services at costs lower than other Skin clinics. Our low cost yet reliable and effective treatment brings us more clients. As a result the cycle is repeated and benefits both – clients and Skinsense
  2. Fulfilled promises – Our client testimonials are a proof of our commitment to what we promise and deliver.
  3. Dual benefits – Qualified doctors provide medical treatment along with trained beauty therapists to ensure you have a scientific beauty experience.
  4. Reduced waiting period – Scheduling your appointments cuts down on your waiting period.
  5. Personalised treatments – We treat every skin as a different individual and offer customised treatments.
  6. Day long availability – We understand your tight work schedules. Hence we work from 10 am to 9pm.
  7. Reliable treatment – Our therapists and devices are periodically trained and certified to update their technical knowledge.
  8. Advanced treatments – Skinsense has been a pioneer in introducing venus freeze, Mesowave, Joylight,sequential peels,fitness clinic etc in Central Mumbai. The most advanced treatments and innovations reach you at the earliest.
  9. Honest prices – Our services are cost effective and qualitative
  10. Integrity – Skinsense means Integrity and Integrity means Skinsense



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Even the most oily skin needs moisturiser in the winters. Lack of moisture robs your skin glow and makes it age faster.