Body Brightening

Tanning &Hyperpigmentation Causes

Dull skin may appear dry, patchy, ashy, or lackluster. Additionally, dullness is often accompanied by an uneven skin texture.

Impact of Pigmentation

Common Treatments

-Limited Results

-Fast reoccurrence

-Too much cost and time 


-Extremely temporary results

-More skin damage with time

-Not suit for everyone’s skin type

-Many OTC creams have side effects

-It may cause irreversible side effects

Treatment at Skinsense (Proven Scientific Care)

Body Peel

-correct dryness, rough patches, uneven skin, wrinkles, and acne.

-Body peel treatment, is a process that improves the skin texture and tone. It works by peeling off the top layer of the skin, thereby exposing the healthier and younger inside layer. 

-It is essentially like exfoliation

Body Polishing

-Painless way to reduce the prominence of shallow scars from acne and other skin wounds

-By washing away dull, damaged skin on the surface, 

It allows fresh, healthy skin to show, resulting in a smoother, healthier complexion.



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