Hair Oil


– Controls hairfall

– Promotes hair regrowth

– Improves hair quality

– Prevents hair breakage

– Reduces scalp itching and dandruff

– Reverse premature greying

Hero Contents& Their Uses

– Improves Penetration

– Loaded with nutrients

– Adds strength to hair

– Removes environmental damage

– Enriched with vitamins, amino acids , fatty acids and minerals

– Stimulates regrowth

– Treats thinning of hair

– Fights dandruff

– Corrects Premature greying

Suitable for All Hair Types


-Reduction in hairfall in 6 weeks

-Improves length and density of hair

Dry hair

- Hair quality becomes healthy

- Reduces scalp irritation and dandruff

Grey hair

- Prevents and slows down premature greying of hair

- Treats colored hair

How to use

STEP 1 – Apply skinsense hair oil two to three times a week

STEP 2 – Gently massage scalp with finger tips and leave for minimum 1 hour or overnight

STEP 3 – Wash with recommended antidandruff / sulphate free shampoo


  1. Hair nutrients/diet changes as recommended by the doctor
  2. Skinsense hair oil 2 to 3 times a week
  3. Skinsense hair tonic to apply daily as recommended
  4. Use Skinsense antidandruff / sulphate free shampoo as per individual scalp type
  5. Conditioner/hair serum as per individual need
  6. Home use dermaroller can 2x the results

Let Team Skinsense be your Beauty Partner for Awesome Skin and Hair at any Age

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