Skinsense Hair Serum


Hero Contents& Their Uses

– Softens hair

– Strengthening and repairing

– Provides nourishment 

Hair growth

– Treating hair loss and split ends

– Reduces hair porosity by fortifying hair cells with amino acids

– Rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair

– Natural antioxidant effect that helps with maintaining hair

– Decreases hair breakage

– Minimizes hair loss

– Moisturizes color treated hair

Suitable for

Frizzy hair

- Anti-frizz effect of hair serum helps improve the smoothness of your hair

Brittle hair

- Protects against damage

Dry Hair

- Promotes shine

- Enhance straightness or curls

Normal Hair

- Protects against damage

How to use

STEP 1 – Take a few drops of Skinsense Hair serum in your palms

STEP 2 – Apply it on damp hair/dry hair from mid – length down to the tips

STEP 3 – Leave it on. For best results, use it after every hair wash or this can also be used before combing, or dry hair


  1. Diet changes/hair nutritional supplement as per individual requirement
  2. Skinsense Anti-dandruff/sulphate free shampoo customized as per need
  3. Conditioner if needed

– Apply skinsense hair serum on damp hair. Apply on hair at least twice a week after hair wash


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