Skinsense Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Hero Contents& Their Uses on Skin

– Reduces dandruff

– Encourage hair growth

– Reduces hair fall and increases hair diameter

– It helps to get rid of flakes while also moisturizing a dry scalp

– Thickens hair, increases fullness and adds shine

– Adds moisture & prevent dryness

Suitable for


- Removes excess oil from the scalp


- Helps to reduce dandruff and exfoliates dead skin of scalp


- Maintain oil moisture balance of scalp & prevents dandruff.

How to use

STEP 1 – Wet hair and scalp

STEP 2 – Rub the Skinsense Anti-Dandruff shampoo gently

STEP 3 – Leave the Skinsense Anti-Dandruff shampoo on for at least 5 minutes on the scalp

STEP 4  – Rinse it off with tap water or lukewarm water, avoid hot water

STEP 5 – Use conditioner as per requirement


Wash your hair at least twice a week with skinsense antidandruff shampoo for good results.

Skinsense fermented hair oil twice a week will 2x your results

Those with frizzy hairs can use skinsense hair serum or conditioner as required.


Let Team Skinsense be your Beauty Partner for Awesome Skin and Hair at any Age

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