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Beta Hydroxy Acid

Why is Chemical exfoliation a game changer?

You’ve been doing
the classic skincare routine: cleanse, tone, and then moisturize. But still, it feels like your skin is still in need of a boost in the “glow department”.

You might be missing out on one thing and that is exfoliation.

While it’s true that our skin naturally exfoliates dead skin cells on a daily basis, it starts to need some help over time. As we get older, our skin’s ability to exfoliate and renew itself slows down and it may even stop completely. This can happen due to a number of things like genetics, too much sun exposure, and simply aging.

BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid is your oil-loving acid that goes deeper into your skin pores. It tackles clogged oil and dead skin cells in the lower layers of the skin which means BHAs are best for those with oily and acne-prone skin — bye-bye blackheads and whiteheads!

They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too so BHAs can also be a great calming agent for sensitive skin that’s prone to redness (rosacea) and bumps like milia.

A well-loved BHA is salicylic acid. This is your bacteria-fighting BHA and it’s also used to treat calluses and dry areas of the skin. In more potent doses, salicylic acid is also used as a treatment for warts. Be careful not to overdo this one.

Another popular choice of BHA is citric acid which helps control excess oil and helps in skin rejuvenation too.

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