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Pimple Peel Treatment

Have you tried dozens of products like toners or astringents for your open pores?
Are you regularly doing cleanups and taking steam for your white heads / black heads?
Have you tried homemade face packs for extremely oily skin?
Have you tried all types of herbal products at home for pimple control?
And yet not getting results
Then, this is the right time for you to try SKINSENSE PIMPLE PEEL TREATMENT to clear up your acne breakouts and blemishes.

Our Pimple Peel is BHA based combination of salicylic acid and mandelic acid (SA-MA peel).
These are concentrated acidic peel solutions obtained from natural organic extract like fruits, vegetables, curd, etc.
This salicylic acid, mandelic acid and more contacts the skin and removes the dead and damaged layer of skin.

It controls excess oil (sebum) secretion in both men and women at different age groups from teenagers to adults.


  • Oil control
  • Freedom from Recurrent white heads and blackheads.
  • Cleans open pores
  • Reduces the number of pimples and Decreases the size of pimples.
  • Pimples go away quickly.
  • Reduces the tendency of pimples to leave marks.
  • Marks fade quickly
  • Pimple heels without marks

Excess oil on face can make your skin looks greasy / sticky. On oily skin makeup looks grey and patchy.

This peel changes the tendency of skin your skin to secret unwanted oil over the period of time.

Studies have shown proven results of pimple peel all over the world in both boys and girls, safe and effective for all ages.

For transformational results 6 to 12 sessions of Pimple Peel are ideal.

Your skin gets healthier by 10% in every session


  • Application of sunscreen and moisturizer is a must after peel to maintain the new healthy skin cells.

Yes, it is now possible for you to transform your dull-looking acne-prone skin in 3 months with the most natural and safe peeling treatment !!

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