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Though it might seem like it, great skin is not simply something someone is born with, even though baby skin is flawless. But the older we get, the more our hormones diminish, which tends to come with a change in the condition of our skin. Our daily habits have a large influence on what you see when you look in the mirror. There are also many opinions on everything from how to moisturize to how to protect yourself from UV rays (just look at Instagram and YouTube). 
But have you ever validated these things.
They say first impression is the last impression but nowadays it is the lasting impression and what people will first observe is your skin.
No matter how you style, how much expensive your outfit or accessories are if you have untreated skin, it will ruin everything.
Do you know skin is the largest organ of our body. Surprising?? Not really. But do you really care for this largest organ to the extent that it needs to be??
Some might say ‘Yes’ some may say ‘No’ and some may say ‘Sometimes’.

Food and Skin

Taking care of your skin does not mean layering too many products or expensive products.
Of course, we will not deny the fact that some active ingredients are needed to maintain the health of skin but this is only superficial. What about the internal long lasting health of your skin?
No wonders it is with the right nutrition.Your skin is soft and supple because it contains elastin and collagen. They give elasticity to your skin. But with age, your body produces less of these. That is why your skin starts losing elasticity. This is a natural part of the ageing process. But adding fruits and vegetables containing healthy nutrients can work wonders. Experiments show that healthy foods keep your skin taut and bouncy. All kinds of nuts and seeds are friends to your skin. They contain fats and Vitamin E that keep your skin hydrated and smooth. They prompt your body to produce collagen, which keeps your skin supple.

Does Hormonal Imbalance Affect Your Skin?

Does it bother you when your skin endures sudden changes? Very often, your hormones are to be blamed. Are you wondering why?

Well, hormones work as chemical messengers in your body. They play a major role in causing skin issues like acne, pigmentation, etc. when they go off balance.
Hormonal imbalance means either excessive or less secretion of a certain hormone. Even a little change in your hormone secretion can cause adverse effects in your body, including skin.

Stress and Skin: Are they related?

Stress can affect your whole body, including your hair, nails, and skin. Since stress is a part of life, what matters is how you handle it.
Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for skin problems to heal.
Have you ever noticed that you break out more when you’re stressed? This is because stress causes your body to make hormones like cortisol, which tells glands in your skin to make more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.
Stress can also interfere with the daily skincare routine and worsen the existing skin problems.

Does digestion play a role in appearance of your skin?

You’re not what you eat; you’re what you digest and absorb. The gut is the cornerstone of good health. In fact, it’s where 70 to 80 per cent of the immune system lies. When your gut is functioning optimally, you will notice better energy, skin, mood and immune function. It is really important to take care of your gut health which can have a positive impact on your skin.

Since your skin is the large organ,it covers and protects your body. But at times it may develop certain skin diseases like rashes, inflammation, itchiness or other skin changes. Some skin conditions may be genetic, while lifestyle factors may cause others. Skin disease treatment may include medications, creams or ointments, or lifestyle changes.
It is utmost important to see a doctor or a dermatologist if you see any of these symptoms.

So by now, you might have understood how important it is to take care of your skin.
But the biggest question is how to start?
The answer is simple. Look for a scientific approach. Because you need Wellness from within to look healthy and this can happen when you choose a doctor as your beauty partner.
With cosmetics the fixes can be temporary but if you wish to be awesome inside out, you must look for a doctor with a scientific approach.

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